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Over the coming months Digitl will be running a series of exciting webinars targeting retailers who are looking to increase their profitable turnover through traditional eCommerce and multi-channel retail.

These educational slots will help your business grow in a strictly no-sales environment.   Digitl wants to help your business grow, and we’re only going to partner with organisations that share the same view.

What topics are we going to cover?

We are currently putting together our line-up but the areas we intend on covering are:

  • Managing inventory
  • Growing sales
  • Export
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Emerging marketplaces
  • Finding new opportunities
  • Security
  • Tax and Duties
  • Brexit (in a positive way)
  • Language and Culture

Webinar Schedule

Confirmed so far:

  • Exporting is GREAT
  • Master Mindset
  • Online Seller UK
  • Amazon Sellers Lawyers

The full lineup will be announced this September.


Sponsorship Opportunities

The 2017 Webinar Series and accompanying state of digital report is being produced by us free of charge.   We’re looking for help in two ways: free help from partners who can help promote our activities; paid sponsorship to help us invest more time and resource into our activities.

For more details click here.

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