Marketplace Integration

Millets Outdoor


Our relationship with JD Fashion PLC (the company who own Millets) originates back to 2007 when we helped to onboard JD with eBay. More recently, in 2014 we helped to integrate BANK with the marketplace before they sold their business to Hillco. Millets are the UK’s leading retailer of outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment. With over 90 UK stores, they have a significant online and offline presence.

Millets came to us wanting to increase their reach to new clients via eBay and Amazon. Internally they operate using a complex warehousing, stock management and merchandising ERP. With this in mind it was clear to us that routes such as Channel Advisor and Volo wouldn’t be adequate for them.

That’s where comes into play. ctrlback is our own multi-faceted marketplace platform that is aimed at larger retailers who have a complex set of requirements for integrating with marketplaces. It takes in stock feeds, digests them and then turns them into fully optimised eBay and Amazon listings. It also does the really smart stuff like data mapping, order management and stock level synchronisation. It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop, so it’s no surprise that Millets love it! Using ctrlback, they have seen fantastic results on their eBay store.

About Millets

Only ever rated
five stars

Millets was formed by multiple companies that came together over the years to form the business we love today. It all started over a century ago in 1893 when their founder, J.M Millet, opened a drapers and outfitters business in Southampton and Bristol before handing over the Bristol store to his Grandson, JB Spielman, in 1923. His Grandson increased the merchandise with a wider range of clothing, boots, shoes and much more which helped the business grow to five stores by 1939