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Money Seed has launched in the UK as a platform to match high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors to opportunities for investment.

We were approached by the team to build a bespoke investment portal that would take care of the entire lifecycle of an investment including: marketing; promotion; identity validation; investment; investment payments; commission payments.

The system fully supports multiple sales floors and introducers, and will generate commission for any bond sales an agent produces.  The software allows the business to run in a fully automated fashion, with very little human interaction required.

The platform is fully integrated with HubSpot – the inbound marketing automation platform that we use at Digitl giving their marketing agency full control over the operation of their marketing activities.  From the point of initial enquiry, all activity on the site is fully tracked.

The entire system is a bespoke build with the Laravel framework and some of the key features include:

  • Sign up (via email and social media) and self certify your level of investor type
  • View investment opportunities matched to your investor type
  • Make an investment on a selected fund
  • Calculate all payments and commissions to funds, including introducers and sales floors
  • Create investment funds with multiple bonds with different funding criteria
  • Process BACS pay-outs to all users of the system
  • Hierarchical access to the administration of the site
  • Full logging and reporting of all activity
  • Complete CRM integration
  • Supports full sales lifecycle automation via the HubSpot platform
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