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We undertake lots of Magento integration projects and have helped integrate websites with House of Fraser and Wayfair as well as the common marketplaces like ebay and Magento.    For the past few months we’ve been working with Manchester-based fashion brand Celuu and we put into a place a Magento Integration with Debenhams / Yantra platform.

We’ve worked with Debenhams in the past providing ebay integration and store design, but we’d never actually worked on a project to enable dropshipping for them, so the team were eager to get their teeth into the project.

Magento Integration with Debenhams / Yantra

The integration allowed Celuu with Yantra so that stock information, levels and pricing were made available on the website for sale directly to their customers.    The purchaser checks out on the Debenhams website and has no idea that once placed, the order is synchronised back down to Celuu who then fulfil it and send a notification back to let Debenhams know the order has been shipped.

This has been an exciting project to deliver for the client – what we did learn is that our costs were considerably less than others who had quoted the work and already Celuu are enjoying a good volume of orders coming through so a return on investment is well on the way.

As with all clients, we asked for their thoughts on the service they’d had, and here’s what they said – we were bowled over!

From day one the work you did for us was first class, as with any integration you will have issues but I was pleased with how easy it was to communicate these and the understanding your team had to these problems.

Once we discussed the issues we were able to get working on a way to resolve them and that happened very quickly which is great!

Extremely happy with all the work you and your team have done and would not hesitate to give you another integration project.

If you need help with Magento Integration with Debenhams / Yantra then be sure to contact us and we’ll happily run through things with you.


We strive to offer exceptional service to all of our clients.   Have a look at our wall of love for the feedback we’ve been getting recently for our work, and we’re rated 5 stars on Google and Facebook too!
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