Marketplace Consultancy

Marketplace Consultancy

Impartial expert advice based on experience

There’s no doubt about it, over the past five years retail has changed and continues to grow at a pace that it never has before.    eCommerce has become more sophisticated, and traditional retail has followed suit to keep pace.

This continual pressure alongside exciting advances in technology has taken retailers from the very largest down to the very smallest to look into marketplaces and international trade to grow their sales, and in some cases simply consolidate market share.

We have been working on multichannel solutions since 2008 and since then have been direct suppliers to ebay and their clients for design, integration and consultancy.  We’ve worked with brands big and small on solutions and our clients start with small independent traders throughout England such as the highly successful Cozy Bay and range through to Argos, Suzuki GB and JD Fashion PLC.

From the experience we have in developing successful solutions we have a broad overview of marketplaces, and can help any business no matter what the size establish a successful integration with marketplaces to increase revenue and establish international growth.

Despite developing our own multichannel platform – Custard Cream, we remain vendor independent and will match you to the solution that is right for your business.

We also hold regular marketplace meetups in Manchester via the Online Seller network.

Here’s some we made earlier

Our only intention is to delight

We’re not pulling your leg either – we genuinely want to delight you.  The Digitl team works really hard to provide solutions that deliver outstanding results for every business we work with.

Here’s some comments that we’ve had from clients… and by clients we mean the people we’ve done work for, and not our mums!

  • Digitl have been outstanding. The help they gave my business was thorough and well thought out and has been of great value. The webinars are also giving me free advice that I couldn't get anywhere else.

    Carl Cordock
  • Excellent service, Highly recommend, Created all we needed for our Business in Malta, Best Digital Agency on the Market by far!
    Les Croft
  • From their free meetup events, annual conference and webinars it is clear that Digitl are more than a normal eCommerce agency. They take the time to really understand their clients and use their unbeatable time in the industry to understand your needs and build a perfect solution.

    Abusina Qureshi