ebay Store Design

Fully compliant with ebay Active Content guidelines

We built our first ebay store for JD Sports back in 2009 and since then we’ve designed and built more stores than we can actually remember!   Most of our clients have been kindly referred to us by ebay themselves, which we like to think is as good a testimony as we could wish for.

The one thing we do when we design and build ebay stores is make sure the focus is on helping your customers get the information they need to make a decision and purchase your product as quickly as possible.   We’ve had a universally positive experience with all of our customers, who report that their sales have increased directly after having their store redesigned.

All our designs are compliant with ebay Active Content guidance, and will work with any listing platform.


When we design your new ebay store we will provide designs for a new ebay store homepage; category and search pages; content pages and the all important ebay listing template.   It’s everything you need to make your listings stand out against your competitors.

In every ebay store design project…

  • Active content compliant
  • Integration with Volo, Channel Unity, Channel Advisor or whichever tool you are using
  • Instructions on how to update and manage your store
  • Free guidance on how to improve your ebay sales

Here’s some we made earlier

Our only intention is to delight

We’re not pulling your leg either – we genuinely want to delight you.  The Digitl team works really hard to provide solutions that deliver outstanding results for every business we work with.

Here’s some comments that we’ve had from clients… and by clients we mean the people we’ve done work for, and not our mums!

  • Excellent service, Highly recommend, Created all we needed for our Business in Malta, Best Digital Agency on the Market by far!
    Les Croft
  • Darren and the team performed minor miracles on my new company website. Darren was great at the initial fact find and consulting on what we actually needed. The team were always open to feedback on the progress they'd made and making resulting modifications in a timely and accurate manner. the whole process was really smooth and the end result is great.

    Shayne Wilson
  • I've entrusted Digitl with the creation and maintenance of my eCommerce website. They took the time understand my project and who the end user is. Then advised on the various approaches we can take and the advantages and limitations of each. Then they went on to turn my concept into a fully functioning platform and I'm very happy with all aspects of their service. It was great to work with Darren and the team!

    Stephen Winton

Some of the companies that trust us include: