After three successful years, we’re back in Manchester on Thursday 23rd May 2019 for our annual conference in collaboration with Online Seller UK. This year we’re focusing solely on Amazon, the tech-giant that eCommerce businesses and online sellers simply cannot afford to ignore. We’ll be discussing everything from pricing strategies, PPC and private label brand protection to social selling and how to scale your business. The event will be a great opportunity to learn valuable insights, share tips and mingle with some of the industry’s key players.

In the run up to AmafestUK we’ll be sharing interviews with each of our keynote speakers. So far we’ve chatted with Jana Krekic, Paulina Masson, Danny MacMillan and Nadine Schopper. To read all the interviews, click through the page numbers at the bottom of this page!

Beth Blake – Social Selling for Amazon Sellers in 2020

1) What can people expect to take away from your talk at Amafest 2019?

We’ll discuss how to develop a social media presence that compliments a marketplace’s strategy and speaks to the customer at each stage of their buying journey. Selling on Amazon makes it more difficult to show your brand’s personality at the point of sale – but that shouldn’t have to mean that you compromise your ability to engage with your customers and deliver great customer service.

2) Can you tell us a little bit about your background? What experience do you have working with Amazon?

I’ve worked both in-house and agency side as a marketer in the eCommerce sector, most recently with SocialB, an International digital and social media marketing agency. I work with quite a few eCommerce brands, many of which sell on Amazon, so I have experience in tailoring social media and online marketing strategies to compliment different marketplaces.

3) Do you think Amazon is a threat to traditional brick and mortar retail?

I don’t think anyone can argue that it hasn’t changed the playing field for retailers. It’s certainly shaken up the way we all shop. The limitations we have in the UK on store opening times make it very difficult for brick and mortar shops to compete with the 24/7 convenience that Amazon offers, besides the fact that it can be difficult to match Amazon prices when you have store overheads.

However, if you consider this shift in shopping behaviour at an individual brand level (rather than the sector as a whole), it’s perhaps more of a challenge than a threat? Yes, Amazon make it more difficult to survive in this sector, but it’s also easier than ever for a new brand to enter the market. There’s nothing stopping any of us from setting up online or indeed from using Amazon to their advantage.

4) What are the main benefits of selling products on Amazon as opposed to other platforms such as eBay?

I would say the main benefit is being able to stock control easier – so if you have a few main products with lots to sell, you can do so on Amazon easily. Also, the reviews system encourages each user to review your product, taking some of the hard work away from you having to chase for it.

5) What’s your top tip for Amazon listing optimisation?

Include as much information as you can about your products on your product pages! It sounds obvious, but not only does this improve conversion rates, it’s also an opportunity to inject a bit of your brand personality into the copy – opportunities to showcase your brand values are limited on Amazon. Aside from this… encourage people to leave reviews of your brand and your products on your social media profiles as well as on Amazon. This is because as well as checking Amazon reviews, 75% of people consult social media before buying online.

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