Marketplace Management

Marketplace Management

Helping grow your sales on ebay and Amazon

We sat down as a team and reviewed the content of our training courses, meetup and events, and the advice we give as part of our marketplace consultancy service. Something struck us – we’ve got years and years unique hands-on experience at growing sales on Marketplaces.

It was at that point we realised that if anyone could increase sales on ebay or grow revenue on Amazon it was surely us! With that, our marketplace optimisation service was born.

We were right – we’ve had fantastic results for our clients as we documented in a recent case study and we can do the same for your business!

Amazon sales growth in 9 months chart

Regardless of if you want to grow your sales on ebay or Amazon the process starts with the writing of a bespoke masterplan for your growth which we then work through over a twelve month period where we nurture, encourage and accelerate growth.

For all marketplace management clients…

  • Initial marketplace masterplan
  • 12 month plan for growing sales
  • Category, title and attribute optimisation
  • Advice and strategy for international growth through export
  • Competitor and price analysis
  • Clear monthly reporting on progress
  • Highlighting of improvements to be made to your listings and business processes
  • Analysis of overseas marketplace opportunities with other platforms
  • Advice with coping with the increase in demand

Here’s some we made earlier

Our only intention is to delight

We’re not pulling your leg either – we genuinely want to delight you.  The Digitl team works really hard to provide solutions that deliver outstanding results for every business we work with.

Here’s some comments that we’ve had from clients… and by clients we mean the people we’ve done work for, and not our mums!

  • We have managed to quadruple our revenue in the 12-month period.

    Dean ZhangCozy Bay
  • Working with Darren and the team at Digitl I came to realise the importance of working with companies and individuals who understand your dream and join you on your adventure.

    Gavin PrinceVerilet
  • I just wanted to personally thank the both of you and the rest of the team at Digitl who have contributed to making the new website a success.

    Janice Lazaroo-HoodMacAndrews

Some of the companies that trust us include: